Christopher Ford


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readyWhen we were kids, we dreamed about the most outrageous things. We would dream about becoming a fireman, being able to fly, and a whole host of things. As we began to get older, our dreams began to fade away and we were being programmed to be worker bees. We were trained to go to school, get good grades, go to college, and then move up some corporate ladder. Instead of living in our dreams, we began to live in someone else’s dream. We began to be fearful of following our dreams because it wasn’t safe.

Ready…Set…Dream is here to bring those dreams back again. This guide will help you gain hope back and to not be afraid to dream. My 6 step process will help you get back on track and set obtain goals to get to that ultimate dream. This book will challenge your thinking and will require you to think outside of the norm. Who told you to stop dreaming? Why can’t you be that chef you always wanted to be? Why can’t you start that business you always wanted? Why can’t you retire in the next 5-7 years? It’s time to take some risk, so that you can live in your dream…ENJOY!