About Us

Greetings Writers,

It’s that time — time for you to get working on your passion! And for many of you, joining us will be the beginning of great personal/professional relationships. For others, our existing Life Journeys Writers Guild friends and supporters, it’s a continuation of great personal/professional relationships. We’re doing, sharing and nurturing what we love, writing!

While all are welcome to peruse what the LJWG is all about [know that we are a diverse, genre-eclectic and creative group], please note that this is a writers’ organization, not a book club — though we can see the relationship; some of our LJWG members are future best-selling authors!

Our TWO-HOUR gatherings consist of nuts and bolts. We concentrate on industry news, and the wonderful works and critiques of the LJWG participants. Our THREE-HOUR gatherings consist of the same as well as guest speakers, book signings, giveaways, and food. Also, we close out with a Champagne Toast to our success.

Throughout all of our LJWG gatherings, networking abounds! The Life Journeys Writers Guild, Inc. (our DBA), under the umbrella of the Life Journeys Writers Club, Inc., is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

We are in partnership with the Charles County Library. We are grateful to announce that we have received a 2016-2017 grant from The Charles County Arts Alliance!!! So that we can serve you more!!!!!


The Life Journeys Writers Guild, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, celebrating ten years, serving those passionate about the Literary Arts, and making a difference in the world around us. The LJWG serves as an economic and empowerment bridge of access to the Literary Arts, and the therapeutic benefits it provides by way of Literary Therapy℠.

For any questions please contact Yvonne Medley, yvonnejmedley@lifejourneyswritersguild.org