Yvonne J Medley

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JUBI-STONEJubilee “Jubi” Stone was a long-awaited gift from God to her now aging parents, James and Esther Stone. However, by the time their “gift” reaches her teens, a total disconnect between the generations creates a poisonous wound in their relationship. A toxic mixture of false pride, denial, and sexual abuse stand as the cause.

Nineteen-year-old Jubi rebels and spirals into a desperate hell of drug abuse and prostitution, but she is a gifted songbird, and her destiny holds fame, fortune, and a rich legacy—if she can get there. The devil knows it. He’s set to help Jubi destroy herself before she turns twenty.

Esther Stone’s only hold on her child—and the only road to this family’s healing—is prayer. When Jubi finds herself on the altar of the Forest Unity Church of Baltimore, she’s secured in the embrace of the Reverend Charles A. Wicker, praying for her salvation.

The next moments prove crucial because for Jubi, her parents, and the devil, time is running out. On that unforgettable Sunday morning, someone will die and someone will live. The story is set in Baltimore City.

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